It’s so funny how a fever of 101.5 feels like death until it’s been up to 102.9 and still rising, and then the Tylenol lowers it again. Usually 101.5 isn’t a relief xD

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Show off


Show off

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Nyquil tonight and doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Time to pass out as sleep forever.

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With a phone call in to my HMO and a nurse will call us back in about a half hour.

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Anyone know how high a fever needs to be dangerous?

I have a cold/flu thing (possibly West Nile Fever but probably not) ave my fever has been climbing for hours. It’s 9.25pm so if I want to be seen, is have to go to the ER/A&E. I’d really rather wait until tomorrow but I also don’t want to do something dumb.

Help help?

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This is a super small achievement and I don't know if it even counts, but I have the cold to end all colds (possibly strep) and my throat is on fire. I really really just want to eat agave syrup to help with that but calories and sugar and I freaked out and could only have half a serving when I woke up in the middle of the night like this, but I'm having a whole one right now. All the calories and all the sugar cannot stop me from not wanting my throat to feel charred and like sandpaper!


Are you kidding? That’s a massive achievement!! I’m proud of you sweetheart, that’s really brilliant. It’s an achievement because you challenged something you were afraid of because you realised how much better off you’d be, physically and mentally. That’s something to be celebrated <3


this is me

sometimes I can do recovery and sometimes it’s not even the hardest thing in the universe :D

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I buy my boys a comfy bed but they choose to sleep on a bookcase instead.


I buy my boys a comfy bed but they choose to sleep on a bookcase instead.

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New hair! :D


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